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Compressed Air Services

Our Compressed Air Division was formed in 1972 to meet the increased need for air compressor expertise, products, and service in the state of Vermont. Since that time, compressor technology has evolved, and energy costs have risen, but our commitment to sharing our knowledge of compressed air systems with you, our customer, has not.

We are the premiere Compressed Air Services provider in Vermont. Our experienced sales professionals and factory-trained service technicians are dedicated to help you understand your system by using state-of-the-art analytical tools to create your air demand and energy profiles. Then by offering products from leading suppliers in the compressed air industry, we can improve your system’s reliability and stability while reducing your energy costs.

Our Staff

Bruce Seel oversees our Compressed Air Division. He is your primary sales contact and has over 25 years of experience in the compressed air industry. He is quick to understand your system, and will support any proposal with a detailed needs analysis. He puts himself in your shoes, and will be the first to tell you that with a little adjustment to your system, you can avoid a capital outlay. Bruce is Sullair Level 2 trained, and Department of Energy Compressed Air Challenge Level 2 certified. If you are interested in maximizing the efficiency of your compressed air system, contact Bruce at 802-249-7735.

Steve Rupp is our primary service technician. Steve uses his engineering background and his 5 year’s experience, to prepare system designs and compressor room layouts. He has focused his training on microprocessor controllers and system controls. To schedule your preventative maintenance service, contact Steve at 802-522-4396.


Our compressor service department is in our South Barre headquarters office almost at the geographic center of our state. Steve and Jon are on the road most days and are equipped not only with their extensive knowledge, but also with the usual repair parts to get your system running again. They are flexible enough to handle emergencies, and break-downs within a few hours to get your compressor back up and running the same day. To schedule maintenance or to request emergency service, call 1-802-461-4022 or Email compressors@reynoldsandson.com.

Sales and Audits

Are you in the market for a new compressor, air dryer or filtration? Make sure you check with us first before committing to a capital outlay. We can help you size the equipment to meet your present or future needs. Since our goal is to match any proposed equipment to your immediate and future needs, we recommend a plant walk-through and seven days of air system monitoring to provide us with the data necessary to “size” the equipment. We take into consideration fluctuating air demand, second-shift and third-shift operations, air leaks, air reservoirs, as well as your budgetary concerns. We also work closely with Efficiency Vermont and will present any available rebate programs to help reduce your initial outlay. We work hard to earn your trust. We recommend your first call to be to the Reynolds Compressor Division. Call 1-800-639-2901 or Email compressors@reynoldsandson.com.